Going Global in Search!

By Shajitha Esther, CDP International Network Recruiter

Career Development Partners Inc. has made a phenomenal difference in the field of recruitment in the last many years. It’s been moving at a steady pace and making a meaningful change in the lives of those who come in contact with us!

Having an international, diverse, cross-functional expertise and roles, my destiny brought me to Career Development Partners a year ago and the ‘Heat’ was felt since day one. ‘Heat’ is a good thing as I learned from our very own Travis Jones, CEO of Career Development Partners from his lessons on Lava Lamp!

“When the heat is on, it will create Action, Motion and Beauty. So, look past the heat” – Travis Jones

Action, Motion, Beauty is what one will get to see at CDP exhibited in love, care, trust, expertise, professionalism and above all else leading you to walk in to your own destiny with confidence and success!

Today, CDP is part of established networks of more than 1100 recruiting partners in the United States. As part of the Global search along with focusing on North American market, CDP is now expanding to Latin America, Europe and Middle-East. We already have a track record of making an impact in the Middle-East and we are diving deep now!

Our goal is to geographically, regionally, nationally and internationally help our clients to successfully fill critical openings and top grade their current teams.

As a Career Partners International (CPI) firm, and carrying our unique vision and competitive advantage taught by our leader Travis Jones – ‘Creating an Elite Learning Culture’, Career Development Partners has been making an impact in each territory it walks into across nations!

Recently, as part of our international presence, I was asked to address a group of final semester undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni at Universidad De Los Andes, one of top ranking universities in Colombia! It was done in affiliation with our CPI Partner Ines Pardo, Altos Ejecutivos, Bogota, Colombia.

We taught students on understanding the global marketplace and how vital a ‘movie trailer-like’ resume is in making an impact!

It was a full house and was a great influence on the millennials to take a plunge into their future with additional moral and cultural values.

Today, across continents CDP is making its presence, building relationships and serving our clients. In all of this we have one message to everyone “People are worth the investment”!

Connect with us today to partner in our Global Search!

By Shajitha Esther, CDP International Network Recruiter

Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Career Development Partners

Career Development Partners is here to provide solutions and impact lives. We do this by serving others by being good stewards of all that is entrusted to our care. CDP strives to have a positive influence on all who we come in contact with and to serve our market with relevant talent management services: Search, leadership development, career transition and practical retirement coaching. Our team has a combined total of over 300 years in Human Resources and Recruiting. We believe that ‘People are Worth the Investment.’

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