Success Summed Up in 4 Words

All Success Principles Summed Up in 4 Words.

I like to take things that are complex and boil them down to their most simple truth. So, I tried to take all the success principles and kept narrowing them down until I had only four things left.  If you do these four things well, a person will accomplish all the principles of success. See if you don’t agree with me…

“To Be Successful We Must Master These 4 Things”





Life can be full of opportunities for Big Accomplishments and Big Disappointments.   The only people that can survive are people with these four qualities.

1. Purpose..

  1. Discover your Purpose…without purpose you have no direction.
  2. Goals give direction and a plan.
  3. Vision gives hope that your Purpose can become a reality

2. Influence… Things that harm your influence kill your success

  1. A Character flaw will kill your influence and your success
  2. A bad Attitude will kill your influence and your success.
  3. You can’t control people you can only influence them.
  4. It takes influence to lead a team.

3. Resilience… The inability to recover from disappointment will kill your success.  Calvin Coolidge

  1. Faith and Hope gives resilience
  2. Ability to overcome Fear gives resilience
  3. “I ain’t quittin’” attitude gives resilience
  4. Persistence is the first rule of success and gives resilience
  5. Most people don’t fail they just quit to soon.

4. Accountable …Not being willing to be accountable or measure your performance will kill your success.

  1. Accountability is the opposite of entitlement
  2. Metrics drive consistent effort
  3. The Hawthorne effect…if we know our base line performance we will get 10% better.


Mike DukeMike Duke: President, Recruiting Practice Leader

Mike is a Certified Personnel Consultant and President of Professional Search for Career Development Partners.  Mike is a successful entrepreneur and people developer.

For over twenty years Mike has been bringing positive change to corporate leaders in the area of hiring, training, and developing people. He says, “You can boil any business down to three basic strategies: Products, Profits and People. Out of these, the people strategy is the most important. If you don’t hire the right people, none of the other strategies will work.”



Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Mike Duke

Mike is a Certified Personnel Consultant and President of Professional Search for Career Development Partners. Mike is a successful entrepreneur and people developer.

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