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People are the #1 Competitive Advantage For Companies Today

Developing talent does not happen by accident. Employers hire Career Development Partners to coach talented, contributing team members in order to maximize their greatest resources.

Individual Coaching

The relationship between the coach and the participant is built on a foundation of trust and requires a good personality match. Career Development Partners seeks to match the coach and the participant.

Executive Coaching

Could consist of a brief meeting to bounce ideas or an in-depth dive to address an area of development which may include a 360-degree assessment. What challenge is holding back your key leaders?

Team Coaching

Manager as Coach Learning Series is a program designed to help an organization build a coaching culture. The key outcome is to build a sustainable coaching culture that encourages managers to coach each other. The delivery method of a learning series, delivering content over a period of time, instead of a concentrated short-term training has proven to help team members continue coaching.

Empower Your Career Journey

Transformative Training & Development Courses

Career Development Partners offers a comprehensive suite of training courses tailored to professionals at every stage of their career journey. From mastering the art of networking to honing  leadership skills and navigating complex workplace dynamics, our courses are designed to empower individuals and organizations with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. Explore our diverse range of offerings below and  embark on a transformative learning experience with CDP.

  • From Cringe to Connection

    Discover strategies for navigating networking with authenticity, transforming awkward encounters into genuine

  • Anatomy of a Sales Call

    Learn how to diagnose customer needs through insightful questions, enabling your team to become problem solvers
    and effectively grow your business.

  • Leadership Essentials for New Leaders

    Designed for emerging leaders, this class provides foundational skills and strategies to effectively lead teams, manage projects, and inspire others.

  • Mastering Feedback and Performance Reviews

    This class equips HR professionals with the tools and methodologies to deliver constructive feedback, conduct performance reviews, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation Techniques

    From the newest to the most seasoned leaders – we all encounter workplace conflicts. This class provides strategies and approaches for resolving conflicts, mediating disputes, and promoting collaboration.

  • Change Management Fundamentals

    Helps HR professionals understand the principles of change management, develop strategies for navigating organizational change, and support employees through transitions.

  • Effective Interviewing Compliance

    Equip Hiring Managers with skills for fair, efficient interviews. Learn structuring, questioning, and legal compliance to select the best candidates with confidence.

  • Emotional Intelligence in Management

    Explores the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) for key leaders and how it influences effective leadership, communication, and relationship management.

  • Leadership Development for First-Time Managers

    Specifically designed for individuals transitioning into managerial roles, this class covers essential leadership skills, team-building techniques, and effective delegation strategies.

  • Integrating CliftonStrengths for Team Success

    Empower your team with CliftonStrengths. Learn to identify and leverage individual strengths, fostering collaboration and maximizing productivity. Embrace each team member’s unique talents to cultivate a culture of empowerment and drive success.

Our Tools

Newly promoted leaders face special challenges. Coaching can provide support to a senior leader moving into a new position to ensure a smooth transition.

Great Leadership Teams Have Pipelines PC: Adobe Stock


  • Leverage your strengths for work success and a fulfilling life.
  • Cultivate high-performing teams for sustained excellence.
  • Foster a strengths-oriented culture for enduring victories.
  • Empower students and faculty for holistic growth and achievement.
Great Leadership Teams Have Pipelines PC: Adobe Stock

Hogan Assessments

  • Predict job performance
  • Evaluate career derailers
  • Identify potential
  • Leadership development
  • Pair with 360° data and other performance indices
coaching, leadership, Everything DISC

Everything DISC

  • Understand priorities, motivators, and stressors.
  • Appreciate diverse styles and bridge differences.
  • Cultivate strategies for deeper connections.
  • Enhance team communication and collaboration.
  • Foster teamwork and reduce conflict.
  • Alleviate frustrations and enhance engagement.
Teamwork, The Five Behaviors

Five Behaviors

The Five Behaviors blends Patrick Lencioni’s teamwork model with personalized insights, crafting potent, tailored team development solutions that empower lasting individual change.

The 5 Behaviors are:

  • Results
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Conflict
  • Trust
    Great Leadership Teams Have Pipelines PC: Adobe Stock

    Myers Briggs Type Indicator

    • For Organizational Team Building
    • For Communications Style
    • For Conflict Style
    • For Healthcare Professionals
    • For Career Planning
    • For Stress Management
    Great Leadership Teams Have Pipelines PC: Adobe Stock

    Center for Creative Leadership

    • Assessment and Feedback using Multi-rater Feedback
    Teamwork, The Five Behaviors

    Crucial Conversations

    • Powerful skills for working through disagreement to achieve better results

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