Transitioning Employees with Dignity

Is Your Company Considering a Reduction in force?

Reduce Staff to meet reduced workload?

Economical Reductions?

Specific Team Adjustments?

Corporate Direction Changes?


Organizations engage Career Development Partners to transition employees out with dignity and coach them through the job search process. Our outplacement programs incorporate the use of guided technology as well as one-on-one attention, combined with local influence and global reach.

Below are 5 reasons why you should use Outplacement with Career Development Partners. 

5 Reasons to Use Outplacement


Reduce Unemployment Costs

Our candidates land 40% faster.


Reduced risk of lawsuits

Cost to defend a wrongful discharge suit on average is 75K in Oklahoma – if you win. Higher in other states.


Increased employee engagement

When the remaining employees see that a company cares for its people the employees perform better.


Company Reputation

The company’s reputation goes with the employee for life. What will they say about the way they were treated?


Company Brand Protection

 One of our clients in Tulsa says that we not only protect their brand but enhance their brand based on response from the employees that went through our program.

What We Provide You

On-site at the time of notification

We take pride in understanding the unique needs of clients and participants. While the competition relies on a one size fits all digital product, our participants find success with in-person, one-on-one coaching supported by CPI exclusive, best-in-class technology. The combination of customized solutions and individual coaching allows us to deliver premium services with guaranteed results.

What We Provide Your Employees

Professional career consultants

Personal/Career Assessments

Career transition manuals

Transition Momentum Portal™

Participants receive expert coaching when working with us. Our firms maintain a 30:1 candidate to coach ratio, providing each candidate with the attention they need. Leading competitors average 100:1 or greater, if they employ individual coaching at all. We track the progress of candidates and deliver comprehensive progress reports to our clients.

We deliver results. Our skilled coaches get candidates back to work twice as fast as the US national average, with over 80% landing in equal or better positions than they previously held. This effectiveness protects your brand and keeps remaining employees engaged. Our project management team designs each program to match your company’s unique goals, ensuring a positive return on investment.