Joshua Tanusaputra


Joshua Tanusaputra


Passionate in helping organizations become more effective in the management of their change management and culture. His areas of expertise include talent acquisition and development, one-on-one coaching, assessment strategy, and job analysis. His goal is to enable and empower organizations to attract, retain, and develop their employees effectively.

Joshua’s expertise has been developed through his experience of different consulting positions through Hogan Assessments and Human Capital Management Systems. He is certified in administering and interpreting the Hogan Assessments suite as well as the Hogan 360 tool.

Joshua’s Master’s in Clinical Mental Health and experience with working with fortune 500 companies gives him the unique ability to balance an organization’s strategic imperatives with human capital needs in this competitive landscape. His background in living in three different continents and fluency in 4 languages gives him a distinctive perspective in working with clients with local and global locations.


  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace



  • Linde
  • Concrete Services
  • McIntosh Mechanical
  • Titan Resources
  • River Paint
  • WPX Energy

(918) 212-4994

(918) 293-0500 Ex: 212

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