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Organizations engage Career Transition Services to transfer employees out with dignity and coach them through the job search process.

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Whether you need help finding the perfect talent or you are searching for a job for yourself, our Executive Search Team is here to help.

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We Help Organizations Recruit, Nurture & Develop, and Transition Employees.

Providing solutions. Impacting lives.  To serve others by being good stewards of all that is entrusted to our care. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Career Development Partners and to serve our market with relevant talent management services:  Search, leadership development, career transition and practical retirement coaching. Our team has a combined total of over 300 years in Human Resources and Recruiting. We believe that ‘People are Worth the Investment.’

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Alejandro VargaAlejandro Varga
16:13 13 Sep 22
My experience with Career Development Partners has been very good.After having worked for over 30 years non stop, I was not prepared to be back looking for a job.Career Development Partners helped orient me and how to start looking for a job under conditions that I did not know.With the issue of COVID / Pandemic affecting the job market it took a while to find the best job for me.I can attest that the information given to me helped me land a job, where I like what I am doing.
Katie CoxKatie Cox
15:09 13 Sep 22
Career Development Partners is a great place to seek bettering your position in the workforce. The people who work there are patient, compassionate, insightful, intelligent and up to date on what employers are looking for. They won’t quit until you are employed and they are there for after you have found employment. I highly recommend them. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience.
Adam FendersonAdam Fenderson
18:30 30 Aug 22
A previous employer provided me with an opportunity to work with Career Development partners when they had to let me go. Through their help, I was able to best present myself to potential employers and quickly found a new position with better pay. Not only that, the skills and advice provided have helped me develop into a more productive and useful employee. The classes on networking, resume crafting, researching potential employers, and interviewing were all very beneficial; the individual resources, such as a location to work from and resume reviewing, were also a great boon.
Samantha HewittSamantha Hewitt
22:26 23 Aug 22
I was able to work with CDP as part of my severance from my last job. They have been great to work with so far. I had a baby soon after being laid off and they kept in touch and kept checking on me until I was ready to start the program. After a thorough review of everything they offer I cannot wait to use all their tools and resources to find my next career opportunity. Everyone I've dealt with has been very friendly and professional.
Christi PierceChristi Pierce
16:05 23 Aug 22
I cannot say enough about CDP and the entire team there. The outplacement service they provided me was invaluable. Getting back out into the job search market after 20+ years with the same employer was very scary for me. The team gave me the skills I needed for searching for the right job for my skill set. They gave me the confidence to find the perfect company to accept an offer from. I still use the tools they taught me in my day-to-day life.