5 Way to Get Your Resume Noticed

5 Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed

5 Way to Get Your Resume Noticed by a Recruiter or Hiring Manger

By Tammy Stevens, Career Development Partners Network Recruiter

As a recruiter I look at literally hundreds of resumes a week.  It is a misconception for you as a job seeker to believe that when you submit your resume online that every word is read.  With today’s era of technology and social media there is a flood of candidates applying on the job boards.  However, it IS one of the most effective ways to land that career you have always dreamed of.  Bottom line, applying online is one of the best ways to get an interview but do not be misled YOU HAVE SOME COMPETITION IN THE JOB MARKET.

Here are five easy tips on how to get your resume noticed when you are one of hundreds.

1. Have Your Resume Written By A Professional: You may have a PhD and a list of certifications a mile long but if your credentials are not presented in a professional looking, appealing format they may never be read.  If your resume is not attractive and easy to follow, chances are it will get skipped over.  Professional resumes are very affordable and well worth the added expense.  First impressions are everything.

2. Get A Second Opinion From Someone Other Than Your Mother: When I was on the job market I created my own resume.  I was impressed with the way it looked and the content seemed pretty good to me, my friends even agreed. Problem was, none of us knew enough to know a good resume from a resume that works.   Find someone who knows.

3. Write A Short Summary/Cover Letter Specifically Addressing The Job Requirements:  If you are applying on a job board take time to write a brief summary explaining how your experience matches the job requirements listed on the job order.  Keep this brief and to the point, remember, the majority of the time the initial screening by a recruiter consists of scanning the information. Bullet points are a great way to do this step.

4. Submit Two Resumes: Different job boards require different types of documents.  Have a copy of your resume both in Word and PDF formats.  Submit both when this option is available.  Most recruiters or hiring managers are not going to spend a great deal of time trying to locate a compatible version of your qualifications.

5. Be Creative With Your Follow-Up: And always follow-up.  I’ll never forget the candidate who sent a box of chocolates with a note to the hiring manager of the company he had applied for. The note read “please enjoy these delicious chocolates as you are reading my resume.”  Did he get the job?  I don’t know, but I would be willing to bet he got his resume read.  In fact, I can still remember his name today as well as the kind of career he was seeking and when the right job order crosses my desk, I’ll give him a call.  You may not have to order chocolates for every job you apply for but do follow-up whether it be a phone call or a personal email with a strong subject line. Follow-up is essential.  And hey, if you like the chocolate story, well I like the ones with the cherries in the middle.

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