Adopt These 2 Mindsets and You’ll Become Unstoppable

Despite the difficult circumstances that may happen in your life, there is always an opportunity to overcome them and grow. You want true freedom in every area of your life. You want to create financial security and leave a legacy for your loved ones.

You can become that unstoppable person who accomplishes all these goals with some simple adjustments in your life. It doesn’t take much to see sustainable results. Here are two things that will lead to explosive results. 

1. There is no substitute for putting in the work.

If you spend any time on social media, you’re inundated with ads about making six figures working a few hours a day. You see programs advertised that promise to give you all the “super-secret strategy” or the “one thing” you can do to create success. Human nature draws us to hacks that get us results quicker. You want that edge or secret to accomplish major achievements quickly, but that’s not a reality.

While there are things you can do to grow quickly and get results, all those things require you putting in the work. There is no shortcut that will allow you to skip the hard work it takes to grow. No matter what life hack you use, what expert advice you pay for or what opportunity you get to move forward quicker, you’ll still need to put in the work. Fall in love with the process and the opportunity to work on your business. Make it your daily routine to show up and put in the behind-the-scenes work that builds a successful business.

If you’re willing to make sacrifices, willing to put in the long hours and sleepless nights, willing to take a step back before taking a giant leap forward – you’ll achieve anything you want to achieve.

2. Consistently tell yourself a powerful story.

What we tell ourselves becomes our reality. When we convince ourselves that something is not possible, it becomes an ingrained belief that affects the action we take. What we think about the most and focus on becomes our daily reality. You’ve heard about mindset, but you’ll never be successful if you don’t fully understand how to harness its power. 

Tell yourself better stories and do it every day. Tell yourself that you are unstoppable and can accomplish anything when you put in the work consistently. Fill your mind with blogs, articles, podcasts and videos that motivate and educate you. Stay away from low-energy people who want to drag you down to their level. Have a vision of the amazing business you’re creating and keep working toward it. 

This can be an amazing period in your life in which you build the life of your dreams. That will be different for every person, but it is possible. Realize how strong you are and stop waiting for permission to do all the things you want to do. Put in the work and keep your mindset strong. 

Rick Christensen

Rick Christensen: Director, Career Transition Practice Rick has been a career consultant for over 25 years, serving a very broad-based and diverse clientele. His specialties include effective group facilitation, one-on-one coaching and consultation at all levels including senior executives.

Rick’s passion is coaching individuals through career transitions, developing career management strategies and in identifying and sharpening competencies to open doors to new opportunities. His efforts have assisted thousands of individuals achieve their full potential.

Contact Rick at:

Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Rick Christensen

Rick has been a career consultant for over 20 years, serving a very broad-based and diverse clientele. His specialties include effective group facilitation, one-on-one coaching and consultation at all levels including senior executives.

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