Are You The Rock Star Every Employer Wants?

Are You the Rock Star Every Employer Wants?

No one likes to be around an individual who is sour or bitter. Make the decision to be an individual who has a great attitude. Do not complain when given a difficult or a small assignment. When things are tense within an office, be the individual who stands out by having a good attitude and not letting it influence performance.

Action:  Decide today to be the employee who “nurtures” and develops a great culture and place to work.  Take the time to compliment one of your co-workers.

Dress to Impress

You are the company brand.  Truly, the major advantage of a company today is you so a good starting point is work attire. Coworkers and members of management notice when people look great or shabby. While some looks are timeless, be sure to invest in attire that compliments oneself. A tie and dress shirt is a great combination for men regardless what some of the major egos today are trying to convince you.  Although women have more variety available, I recommend wearing something that is business appropriate and comfortable.

Action:  Budget to purchase or upgrade one suite, tie, shirt etc.

Finding a Coach/Mentor

One recommendation that has helped me personally is a mentor. A mentor is an individual who is preferably more experienced and has been or is currently in the same type of profession.  I have not run into a situation where one person is more effective or insightful than two.  He or she can provide solid advice when an individual is looking to improve within a company. Furthermore, a mentor sees life from a different perspective that can prove to be invaluable.

Action:  Identify someone that your trust and schedule a meeting.  If possible try to schedule time on a regular interval.

Asking for More

I loved it when some of my employees would ask for more responsibility and care about a job enough to want to do more. I happily delegated certain responsibilities and watched to see how an individual would respond. Although there were exceptions, I was generally pleased by what I saw and began to trust employees who wanted additional responsibilities more. Hard work and initiative are highly sought after traits today.

Action:  Identify something you are passionate about and ask the “boss” to let you run with it!

Company History

This may not be intuitive.  History can inform people by enabling them to make better decisions in the present time and in the future as well. Therefore, take a closer look at the history of the company. Find out how it began and why it is successful today. Real knowledge of a company pleases ownership when they notice that someone cares about what the company was founded upon and where it is today.  In most cases, business is formed around a passion or a nobility to serve.  Employees who embrace these ideals are typically much more effective.

Action:  Read your company website.  Google the history.  Mention details the next opportunity possible.

Focusing on Details

Details matter a great deal. Be an individual who focuses on details when working on a project with others or by oneself. Make sure that the smallest task is done with excellence. People know when details have been addressed, and it is better to do things the right way than to be chided by a manager for doing it poorly.  This is going to sound rough but – most employees simply are not invested in the success of their company.  It is just a job. No passion. 

Action:  Purposefully focus on excellence with every detail.  Discuss details with your team and your boss.

Current Numbers and Sales

Look at sales and current numbers that a company makes. An individual who works in marketing needs to know how his or her company is doing with current products. If a product is thriving or disappointing, find out why. People who have real numbers on a company demonstrate to others that they care and want to know how to help a business succeed.  Please don’t stop reading now…but the secret is we are all in sales.

Action:  Pay attention to company sales performance.  Comment on the success of specific products or services.  Be engaged.

Kindness to All

While there is competition within a workplace, I cannot stress it enough that people need to be kind to each other. The world is full of people who can be extremely mean, and a workplace is not a location for dissension. Everyone deserves kindness and courtesy. People who are kind separate themselves from those who are mean and unkind to coworkers.

Action:  Purpose to be kind to everyone.  The truth is – nobody cares if you are unhappy.  It only hurts you.  Be a great teammate!

Enhancing Skills

Some people need more training to enhance a skill. It can be extremely beneficial to enhance a skill outside of work. Consider formal courses or coaching. A book may provide an individual with some helpful tools that can help him or her work on a skill that prevented tasks from being accomplished well.

Action:  This is the #1 differentiator from being good to becoming great.   Always set goals to increase your knowledge and skills.  The top performers today are the authorities in their subject area.  They are continually working on their expertise while gaining valuable experience.

Serve Others

On a final note, do not forget to serve others. Make the decision to bring rolls and coffee to work. Be willing to help the new person or an experienced colleague when he or she is struggling to complete a project. Not only is this the right thing to do, it demonstrates to leaders that an individual cares not only for oneself but also for others.

Bruce RiggBruce Riggs - COO and President of Career Development Partnerss, Leadership Practice Leader for CDP

Bruce Riggs serves as the Practice Leader, Leadership Development for CDP. Bruce is a trained executive with 3 decades and 60,000 hours of real-world experience serving start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. He works with executive level (C-Suite) and emerging leaders.

He has a diverse and highly successful background working with start-up, mid-size, and Fortune 100 companies.  He brings a unique perspective to clients throughout the United States.  He teaches leaders how to grow and thrive in environments in which people can operate at their best.


Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

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