Career Transition Boosts Self-Efficacy

According to Sept 29, 2015 Harvard Business Review the facts will give proof that a Career Transition Program really does help. Quoting a study by Pennsylvania State University,

“Job Seekers who participate in search-skills programs are 2.67 times more likely to land jobs quicker than those who don’t engage in such interventions.”

In an analysis of past studies, the research team found that,

“Programs to teach people to become more proactive, improve self-presentation, boost self-efficacy and learn to enlist social support…are more effective when they include both skill development and motivation enhancement.”

As a Career Partners International firm we are able to provide a proprietary SkillSoft offering of 350 business skills courses spanning 21 curricula.  The online learning capability provides online access, ability to repeat courses, accredited and credentialed programs and audio, animation and simulations to take the job seeker to new levels of learning.

This study supports Career Development Partners point of view that providing a comprehensive Career Transition services helps jobs seekers land jobs quicker and better suited to their skills.

People are worth the investment.

Below are just a few testimonials from individuals who have completed our Career Transition Program.

“Thank you Travis for your kind words and support of your company!  I was very skeptical and pretty sure this was going to be a time waster, but I was completely wrong!  I have learned so much in just the two sessions already!  I appreciate your time, commitment and heart to help people like me get through a difficult event, and not only point us in the right direction but guide us along our new journey!  Both Deborah and Jane have been amazing with information, listening and support! My thanks to you and your team!” ~ DuRonda

“Travis really was helpful in making me take a new approach to my resume and how I handle interviews. it was great to have someone to bounce questions off and help me have a clear vision of what i wanted. I’m thrilled with my new position and what i was able to negotiate in my accepted offer.” ~ Cindy

“The program was helpful. A lot of the information I already knew but it forced me to apply it systematically. But there was also some level of information I didn’t know. It was also nice to have a person there to bounce questions off of and receive both constructive criticism and encouragement.” ~ Randy

You can hear more from those who have successfully gone through the program by visiting our Testimonial Page.

For more information on our Outplacement program, contact me directly, 918-293-0500 or email

We count it to be a privilege to help provide our clients a tool to help their departing employees with a method of reducing their time in job search. The benefits to the companies providing this service to those employees are carried on for years to come.  For more information, call 918-293-0500.

Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Travis Jones

Travis has been an entrepreneur and business owner in Tulsa for over 30 years. He is a well-known community servant and is dedicated to providing world-class service for everyone we encounter at Career Development Partners.

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