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Global Outplacement Organization Enables Workers to Land New Jobs in Under 3 months with High-Touch, High-Tech Strategy

With over 300 locations around the globe and 30 years of supporting employees in transition, Career Partners International (CPI), a leading provider of outplacement, career management, executive coaching and leadership development services has achieved the strongest landing rate in the outplacement industry. On average, a job seeker who works with CPI will land a new job in 2.73 months. This significantly surpasses the national average of one month per each $10,000 of an individual’s compensation.

CPI credits its exceptional outcomes to its “High-Touch, High-Tech” approach to working with job candidates. This combination of one-on-one career consulting and leading-edge technology that optimizes resumes, matches job seekers with desired opportunities and leverages social networks, provides candidates with the confidence, support and skills required to swiftly land a job of better or equal caliber.

“The employment marketplace constantly changes and for over three decades we have embraced and driven innovations that benefit our outplacement candidates. We guarantee that our candidates experience the latest advances in personalized digital job search tools facilitated by the craft of an expert career coach with the goal to quickly and seamlessly transition into a new job,” said Doug Matthews, President & CEO, Career Partners International. “As technology evolves and corporate talent acquisition transforms, so do we. Today we continue to lead the way and are the first outplacement firm to prepare job seekers by using the same technology companies use to source applicants: resume robot scanning systems and digital interviews.”

“While others in the marketplace are focused solely on technology to provide lower service costs, we know that having an experienced career consultant delivers candidates with an unparalleled level of support and provides counsel on everything from how to position their last experience and exit, to honing their negotiating skills. Surrounding one-to-one coaching with cutting edge technology helps candidates land new opportunities faster,” said Elaine Varelas, Managing Partner, Keystone Partners, CPI’s Boston firm.

“According to the US Department of Labor and our own experience, seventy-five percent of jobs are secured through networking, therefore, it’s important that job candidates step away from the screen and build their face-to-face networking skills. For many who have been out of the job market for years this can be a daunting task,” said John Myers, Managing Partner, Kensington International, CPI’s Chicago firm. “Our coaches work with candidates at all levels to build confidence and hone their networking skills, which increases job opportunities and the likelihood of multiple job offers.”

CPI’s Momentum™ career portal augments the face-to-face consulting process and provides job seekers with the following:

  •     PowerMyInterview™ sharpens interview skills through an exclusive interactive system where candidates respond to questions via a webcam and their career consultants provide actionable feedback.
  •     PowerMyJobSearch™ analyzes resumes and scores the alignment of the resume for targeted job opportunities; it also optimizes keywords for search engine visibility and to thwart resume robots, maximizing opportunities to secure interviews.
  •     PowerMyResumeCV™ generates highly competitive resumes and CVs, as well as interactive, online portfolios which generate more visibility and greater response rates leading to more interviews.

About Career Partners International
Founded in 1987, Career Partners International is a leading provider of Outplacement, Career Management, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development services from more than 300 offices in over 45 countries. Employers around the world trust Career Partners International’s local market experts to provide the best possible outcomes for employees across Canada, the United States, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.

About Keystone Partners
Keystone Partners, a founding partner of Career Partners International, is a leading talent management and career transition services consulting firm headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Keystone works with organizations in New England and the Research Triangle, to efficiently and effectively address their career management and development needs. Keystone Partners’ divisions include Keystone Associates, which provides comprehensive career management services through executive level; Essex Partners, a premier career consultancy exclusively for senior executives; and Camden Consulting Group, leadership and talent management experts who help leaders and their organizations learn, develop, grow and thrive.

Career Development Partners certified consultants complement the in-depth exploration experience with powerful questions that help participants move forward — using the accurate, calibrated personal data they have uncovered to make the best decisions and achieve the greatest possible fulfillment.

Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Career Development Partners

Career Development Partners is here to provide solutions and impact lives. We do this by serving others by being good stewards of all that is entrusted to our care. CDP strives to have a positive influence on all who we come in contact with and to serve our market with relevant talent management services: Search, leadership development, career transition and practical retirement coaching. Our team has a combined total of over 300 years in Human Resources and Recruiting. We believe that ‘People are Worth the Investment.’

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