Drop Everything and Learn


Employees who say a company would be more appealing if it offered development to its staff*


Companies are changing the way they do professional development. 

“Lip service is no longer an option for companies who want to retain employees.”

We’ve made it easy for you to take this idea and make it actionable TODAY:

Actionable OPTION 1: 

SEND your employees this LEARNING PASS and encourage them to spend one hour a week learning online

  • 74% of workers are willing to learn new skills or re-train in order to remain employable.
  • 61% of adults in the United States seek career development opportunities when considering job opportunities.*

Actionable OPTION 2: 


  • 60% of millennials want leadership training.*
  • 89% of employees want training available anywhere and anytime they need to do their job.*
  • 85% of employees want to choose training times that fit their schedule.*

Actionable OPTION 3: 

ELEVATE the process with guided learning by Career Development Partners – We can BUILD A PLAN to suit your budget

  • 86% of millennials would be kept from leaving their current position if training and development were offered by their employer.*
  • 70% of employees would be somewhat likely to leave their current job to work for an organization known for investing in employee development and learning.*

* Statistics taken from lorman.com

Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Christina Federline

Christina leverages 20+ years of coaching, recruiting and talent acquisition experience to deliver industry best practice guidance and performance strategies to program participants. Over the last two decades, Christina has worked with thousands of individuals from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Driven by the joy of helping others win, Christina helps individuals identify their unique strengths and creates customized strategies that generate a competitive advantage.

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