Employers – Hire the brightest and most talented workers!

Employers - Hire the brightest

Employers – Hire some of the brightest and most talented workers in the marketplace today!

Mature workers are some of the most highly educated, extremely productive and come from one of the highest achieving generations in history.

In today’s employment market, many mature workers are still interested in continuing in the workplace. Many of these workers still need to work for a number of reasons and will for years to come.

So mature workforce – the world has become increasingly smaller with the advancement of technology.  We must continue to adapt if we want to succeed in the worldwide economy as a part of the productive paid workforce.

Businesses can continue to be competitive by hiring this generation. You as the employer may have to develop some workforce options for this special group of workers. However, the matures are a great choice for employers.

In order to compete in the marketplace, mature employees must strive to keep their superior skills on the upward swing. Retooling or like one of my clients says, re-purposing which is upgrading your skills through continuing education and training. Relearning of new ways of working can energize the workplace and the workers.  Employers can bring back seasoned, wise and reliable workers for the challenges in the workplace today.

Most every community has developed educational programs and training to help this generation of workers refine their skills, add new skills and in some cases totally change their existing skill sets.  Both traditional and emerging fields of education are available to re-position this generation for a renewed impact in the workforce. Check out local colleges and training institutes.

As businesses continues to face new challenges and opportunities we must count on hiring back this generation as we address the coming talent shortages.  To keep our businesses competitive and economically strong we will need all of us working together and by golly we need some of the talent and ethics back in the workforce this generation possesses.

Never forget no matter what your age or generation that you were raised in, it is only when you stop learning, unlearning and relearning that you become unemployable or undesirable in the workforce.

Travis Jones, CEO of Career Development PartnersTRAVIS JONES CEO

Travis has been an entrepreneur and business owner in Tulsa for over 30 years. He is a well-known community servant and is dedicated to providing world-class service for everyone we encounter. Travis is a certified Life Options Retirement Coach and is certified to facilitate and deliver the Manager As Coach Learning Series (MACLS) through CPI. He serves on the board of Career Partners International (CPI) and is an equity partner in CPI, offering a global reach with over 220 offices. Travis serves on the Elder Board at Tulsa Bible Church, on the board of New Life Ranch and is a proud member of Tulsa Executives Association (TEA) and is active with several other organizations serving the community and beyond.

Email: travis@cdpartnersinc.com 


Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Travis Jones

Travis has been an entrepreneur and business owner in Tulsa for over 30 years. He is a well-known community servant and is dedicated to providing world-class service for everyone we encounter at Career Development Partners.

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