Give to the Needs of Others

Give to the Needs of Others

This is the time of year when offices have their annual Christmas Parties, or some sort of holiday get togethers.  Office politics and politically correct ways to celebrate determine what is right for each company or individual.  We are very blessed to live in America where our country was founded on the freedom of religion and where all people are created equal.

Being a follower of Jesus Christ, we celebrate the birthday of Jesus on December 25th, as do billions of other Christians around the globe.  No one knows for certain the exact date Jesus was born, but December 25 is the world’s chosen day to observe His birth.

The Bible tells us wise men – “magi” – traveled a very long distance to bring gifts to the newborn baby who would become the Savior of the World.  Because of that, it has become the tradition for friends and family to give gifts to each other as part of the global celebration.

Giving and receiving gifts is one of the languages of love, a gracious way to show people that we care about them.  Thinking about a person and taking the time to select something we believe they would enjoy is a very real part of any meaningful relationship.

I would like to suggest as we celebrate Christmas in whatever way you do, to decide to spend less on ourselves, love more, forgive those who have hurt you and serve others more in the coming year.  If we would make a sincere attempt at dong these things, I believe we will experience results far beyond anything we could ever imagine, perhaps a miracle in your life as well as in the life of others.  In fact, this year, we could re-gift what Jesus gave to us: Love and Forgiveness.


May you have a most wonderful Christmas season as you give to the needs of others.


Travis Jones

Travis Jones, CEO of Career Development PartnersTRAVIS JONES CEO

Travis has been an entrepreneur and business owner in Tulsa for over 30 years. He is a certified Life Options Retirement Coach and is certified to facilitate and deliver the Manager As Coach Learning Series (MACLS) through CPI. He serves on the board of Career Partners International (CPI) and is an equity partner in CPI, offering a global reach with over 220 offices.



Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Travis Jones

Travis has been an entrepreneur and business owner in Tulsa for over 30 years. He is a well-known community servant and is dedicated to providing world-class service for everyone we encounter at Career Development Partners.

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