Introducing New Team Member, Jane Noble!

Jane NobleCareer Development Partners (CDP) is thrilled to welcome Jane Noble into our “family.” Jane is joining our team as a Executive Consultant. Jane Noble has over 20 combined years’ experience in Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, 15 of which were with a Fortune 500 energy company. Her strengths are in the areas of performance improvement, coaching, strategy development, facilitation, training, and change management.

Jane worked for Williams and its spin-off, WPX Energy, for 17 years. She was an Organization Development Management Consultant, Human Resources Business Partner and for the final four years managed the Environmental, Health and Safety Management Framework. Earlier in her career she worked in Human Resources in a local government setting.

Jane has a Master of Science, Management from Southern Nazarene University and is certified in the following:  Myers-Briggs – Levels I and II; Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR); Targeted Selection (behavior-based) Interviewing; Lominger Leadership Architect; PMI Project Management; Low Elements Ropes Course Facilitator

In order to get to know Jane, we conducted an interview about her life and her vision for the future with CDP. 

How has your experience in the past prepared you for career coaching on top of your background in executive coaching?

I think the experience, other than coaching, that has best prepared me for career coaching is the work I’ve done in change management. Change management is a tandem function with project management. The change manager works together with the project team to ensure major initiatives are implemented in such a way that the users/employees absorb and adopt the new state as effectively as possible. 

Career coaching applies the same principles to an individual in a state of change. People respond to change as groups and as individuals in a similar way, they usually tend to resist it, especially if it’s a change they didn’t choose or desire. Assisting them, gradually, to move through the stages of loss to acceptance and oftentimes a better situation for them, is something I find very meaningful.

You were known at Williams and WPX as one of the best in your field. Based on your record of success in coaching, what kinds of people do you feel like you have been the most successful with in helping them to get to the next level in their career?

I’m not sure that’s the case. If someone said that, I am very honored and humbled. I worked with many talented and wonderful people at those two companies.  I think the people who gained the most in our coaching relationships were those who experienced barriers in their performance or careers and were seeking assistance in leveraging their strengths to move to another level.

Three years from now, what would you say will be your greatest accomplishments with our clients and candidates?

I hope my greatest accomplishment will be that I partnered with CDP’s clients and candidates to come a better understanding of what they’ve accomplished in their lives, what their strengths are, and how they can build a meaningful career upon that foundation.  

Dr. Bill Young, our founder, told Travis that you would be a perfect fit for what we do at CDP.  Based on what you have learned about us so far, how do you feel about that?

Dr. Bill is someone I have admired for years as a co-worker and friend. He is capable, accomplished, and a generous mentor. And he’s insightful, because he was right, my partnership with CDP has been a great fit. I’ve been impressed from the first day with Travis and his team’s approach to their clients. They go the extra mile on their behalf and truly invest in their success. That’s important to me because working at this level with clients is something that can be very personal. Respect and appreciation for them as individuals is critical.

What are your favorite ways to “recharge your batteries”?

That’s easy. I’ve been married to my husband for 35 years and there is no one I prefer spending time with. I’m also blessed to have five adult children, each of whom I would gratefully choose as a friend. When we’re all together one of our favorite activities is to go to / watch movies.  Some of our family favorites include Princess Bride, Elf, The Big Lebowski, Midnight Lace, and The King of Kong. And now that I have two granddaughters my four daughters will most likely pass along their love for Newsies.

Can you name the top 3 things on your ‘Bucket List’ and why they are there?

Hmmm. Once I added something to my bucket list just before I did it. It was the time I held a tarantula in my hand. As I stood in line to hold it I decided that putting it on my bucket list would help me overcome the terror I was experiencing. I actually have a bucket list and I just checked it. It only had 3 things on it – tarantula holding, having my picture taken with the Tulsa Drillers’ mascot Hornsby, and traveling to a place that is important to me faith-wise, Lisieux, France.  I think what that tells me is that I’m very satisfied with my life and the experiences I’ve had. But I do intend to add to the list!

What is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is A Prayer for Owen Meany. It just had all the elements I consider to be a part of a wonderful book – it was beautifully written, its deep and thoughtful characters were well crafted, and there was a lovely spiritual dimension to the story.

We all have those moments when we have to look in the mirror and need to coach ourselves. When you do, what do you say to yourself?

You can do it, Jane. Fear has preceded most experiences in your life that have caused you to grow and mature. Hold onto your values, keep your eyes on what is most important to you in life and move forward, one day at a time.

What kind of work environment do you find the most fulfilled?

I am most fulfilled in environments that are challenging, empowering, and where the team members enjoy working together. A lot like Career Development Partners!


Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Career Development Partners

Career Development Partners is here to provide solutions and impact lives. We do this by serving others by being good stewards of all that is entrusted to our care. CDP strives to have a positive influence on all who we come in contact with and to serve our market with relevant talent management services: Search, leadership development, career transition and practical retirement coaching. Our team has a combined total of over 300 years in Human Resources and Recruiting. We believe that ‘People are Worth the Investment.’

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