Networking for Introverts: Paradox Not Oxymoron

Submitted by: Connie Dorigan | Director of Recruiting


The good news (and paradox) for introverts—is that introverts have natural strengths that often make them better networkers than their extroverted counterparts.  Why?  What is it about introverts that make them better networkers?   Ironically, it’s because while your extroverted friends are busy making superficial acquaintances with everyone in the room, you as an introvert are more interested in more meaningful and more memorable, one-on-one conversations with just a few people.

A quick Google search for “Introvert Strengths” yields dozens of articles written on the subject.  Apparently, introverts have strengths that are just a little less obvious.  Such as:

  • They love to learn. They have thirst for knowledge and are naturally curious. They are captivated by new and novel ideas.
  • Although they shy away from large, loud crowds, they are great at one-on-one meetings and conversations.
  • They’re often very smart. While they may look aloof, most likely they are thinking, conceptualizing, observing nuances and dynamics.
  • They are good listeners. When someone is speaking, they want to lean in and make sure they capture everything that’s being said.
  • They think first talk later. Introverts communicate clearly and effectively because they think about what they want to say before they say it.

Your natural strengths as an introvert–intellectual curiosity, unquenchable thirst for knowledge and superb listening skills–have you thoughtfully posing relevant questions and actually absorbing the answers.  The result? You will be remembered!  The individuals you’ve interacted with, though few in number will feel heard by you, allowing you to gain their trust much more quickly.   As the saying goes, people refer to those that they know, like, and trust.

Remember last month’s article on networking?   The goal of networking is not whom you can add to your list of contacts, but who has added you to theirs.  Thanks to your introverted networking style, you are more likely to be remembered.

So in the networking game, you win.  No personality makeover required.

No excuses!  Just get out there and do it!

Still not convinced? Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter with more tips on networking as an introvert!


Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Guest Blogger

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