Owning the Issue of Accountability

Tulsa, OK, October 23, 2015:  Rick Muncrief, President and CEO of WPX Energy, spoke at the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium (OK Ethics) luncheon on Thursday, October 22nd 2015. The luncheon was held at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Tulsa. Muncrief’s inspiring topic on Accountability enthralled over 200 attendees.

Muncrief motivated his audience to remember the ‘Code of the West:’

“Live each day with courage. Take pride in your work. Always finish what you start. Do what has to be done. Be tough, but be fair. When you make a promise, keep it. Ride for the brand. Talk less and sell more. Remember that some things aren’t for sale. Know where to draw the line.”

Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium was founded in 2003 as a professional organization that hosts monthly forums on business ethics in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. With the goal to promote business ethics and integrity in the workplace, OK Ethics has touched the lives of over three-thousand attendees.

Travis Jones, CEO of Career Development Partners, has been a member of the OK Ethics Board of Directors since 2014.

“Marcia McCloud opened the meeting with the guiding principles of OK ethics and introduced her boss, Rick Muncrief, as a modern day Roy Rogers. It was a testament to his leadership for someone in his organization to introduce Rick as man of high character and one who leads with integrity.”

Original founding member, Rick Christensen said,

“OK Ethics continues to promote ethical corporate practices and by having speakers like Rick Muncrief we continue to build the ethical standards in Oklahoma.”

Find out more about Oklahoma Ethics Business Consortium at www.okethics.org.


Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Career Development Partners

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