Powerful First Steps on the Path to Greatness

Powerful First Steps on the Path to Greatness

Powerful First Steps on the Path to Greatness = On-Boarding for Success

Your new job doesn’t start on “Day 1” but on the day you accept the offer – get busy right away!

Your three months in a New Executive Job will help you to seal your leadership, build a team you can count on, and have a bottom line impact before the first quarter of a year on the job is up.

It is imperative to develop clarity on your going-in mandate – who are your key stake holders and how will you work with them or report to them?

Master the BRAVE approach to motivating your new team members by understanding their Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, and Environment

Declare an impossible (but realistic) future that represents the difference you want to make, while delivering on your first day on the job.   The key idea is to go for “quick wins” that establish a virtuous circle of increasing credibility and help you to avoid a vicious circle of decreasing credibility.

Consider having a story ready day one, as key stakeholders look for signals immediately

  1. Take symbolic action within 72 hours
  2. Develop a “teachable point of view”—this is how we intend to win in our business
  3. Build a team of ‘A’ players—get the right people on the bus
  4. Declare an impossible (but realistic) future that unites warring tribes
  5. Jump start your vision with 30, 60, 90-day catalytic breakthrough projects
  6. Master the political chessboard and culture—it’s all politics!
  7. Drive bottom-line results before the end of your first 100 days


Your first few months on the job in a new leadership role are critical to the success of your mission, your relationship with your new team, and your career. Turnover is high among new leaders who “didn’t work out” and the costs to them and their organizations are dramatic. The solution is for every new leader (as far as that goes every employee) to have an “onboarding” plan.

Provides advice for your bosses—so they’ll know how to help you succeed.  You are looking for a high five for delivering on what you sold to your employer.  It takes work, but contributors always win.

Travis Jones, CEO of Career Development PartnersTRAVIS JONES CEO

Travis has been an entrepreneur and business owner in Tulsa for over 30 years. He is a certified Life Options Retirement Coach and is certified to facilitate and deliver the Manager As Coach Learning Series (MACLS) through CPI, and a certified Career Coach. He previously served on the board of Career Partners International (CPI) and is an equity partner in CPI, offering a global reach with over 350 offices.

Email: travis@cdpartnersinc.com 


Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Travis Jones

Travis has been an entrepreneur and business owner in Tulsa for over 30 years. He is a well-known community servant and is dedicated to providing world-class service for everyone we encounter at Career Development Partners.

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