Do you have Presence of Heart and Mind?


I, Travis Jones, attended a program called “Spiritual Intelligence: Leadership Edge” and was asked the question – “How can you open up the window of the incredibly complex world in which you live?”  Of course, the word spiritual needed an explanation and it came with three ideas of explanation.

  1. Spiritual intelligence enables what is within a leader to show up when most needed.
  2. Narrow our lens around self, the greater the vulnerability to “self- seal”.
  3. Values take hold in cultures when a wholehearted process creates the “We”.

As we think about the idea of accessing deeper meaning and then integrate multiple ways of knowing to see and resolve problems, it does open the windows quickly. This is the stuff of what board rooms should be discussing. It will lead to those connections we desire on a deeper level than most of us are accustomed to traveling to in our minds.

The attributes include:

    • Being fully present
    • Operating out of values and purpose
    • Asking questions behind the questions
    • Inviting a different or even conflicting view into the discussion
    • Integrate “Whole Brain Thinking” Google the term for more
    • Moving from the “I” to “We”

The leader within us becomes engaged when we take time to pause, notice, and be in the present with both our mind and our body. For me that is sometimes a rarity.  But when I do I take a moment to relax, open up myself and seek clarity on what is the problem at hand, it opens the doors of understanding.  For many of us, we can be very there and at the same time, miles away in our mind.

When we do not open up to a new idea or way to resolve a problem it is called “self-seal”.  Listening to my own voice rather than opening up my mind to a new perspective or voice.  However, when we do open up, something incredible happens – our thinking moves from “I” to “We”.  Our focus is on the whole of it, not a piece. Our desires move to doing the right thing and isn’t this what companies need in their culture, deeply embedded values that always do the right thing? Those values become energy when enlightened.  This kind of intelligence will impact us on a deeper level and drive every decision and problem-solving activity within our lives and the company in which we work.

As I think about what this means to me, I find myself desiring to focus on being present when waking up each morning, with my heart and my mind. Being mindful of those around me, listening to the conversations of others with an ear to hear not just the words, but what is behind the words, looking for someone to do something extraordinary for that takes just an awareness of the “spiritual intelligence, leadership edge” that I have been so gifted with in my life.

In November of 2013 I was able to spend a month in Africa.  Oh how blessed I feel as I had the incredible opportunity to serve alongside of my missionary son as he provided the deep care for his patients in his community. It was not just physical attention that he gave to them, but emotional, mental and spiritual care.  I had the opportunity to observe my son minister to these people with a tenderness and grace that has given me inspiration to be more observant of others no matter what they look, smell or act like.  So, as I conclude, as I strive for my heart’s desire to be present with both my heart and my body each day.  May it be true of all of us!

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Kyle and Travis

Written by Travis Jones | CEO Career Development Partners

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