The Risky Business of Layoffs: Part 2

Laying off employees can be very difficult for those delivering the message, but it is even more difficult for those receiving this news.  In fact, it is considered one of the most difficult times in a person’s life right up with loss of a loved one and divorce.  If you have ever experienced one of those events in your life, consider the impact losing their job has on the released employee and their family.  A quote by Mike Tyson says; “everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. Because people don’t plan for failure, a reduction can impact your complete team.  The plan below is strategic and meaningful.

Demonstrating care and compassion assists the departing employee with the transition but also helps the remaining employees recognize the value that their company places on their people.  This message of care and compassion reinforces the company’s brand as a top employer who not only says their people are the most important asset but backs it up with actions.

Care and compassion begins by respectfully delivering the separation decision to the released employees.  It continues by providing benefits to support these individuals with a successful transition.  Best in class companies often include separation benefits with pay, compensation for unused vacation and expenses, outplacement services, retirement benefits, access to Family/Employee assistance programs etc.  Providing assistance, especially outplacement, demonstrates that compassion, fairness and consistency remain a part of the corporate culture, both during and after a lay-off for either one person or a group of people.

One of our clients provides a plethora of benefits and goes over them with the departing employee at the time of notice.  After explaining the benefits, they ask the employee to put them aside and open the career transition benefit presentation.  At this point our client tells the employees, that this is the most important part of the separation package because it will help them to move forward successfully to a new career.  Outplacement services helps the employee to focus toward the future and away from the past.  Their company has just invested in an expert career coaching service that will help them with talent assessments, individual guidance, skills development, cutting edge technology, job leads, networking profile tools, on-boarding skills and sustainability training.  This is an essential hallmark trait of high quality outplacement services that gives the personal touch and not just a website and toll-free number to call.

At Career Development Partners, we believe that “People are Worth the Investment”.

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Travis Jones, CEO of Career Development PartnersTRAVIS JONES CEO

Travis has been an entrepreneur and business owner in Tulsa for over 30 years. He is a certified Life Options Retirement Coach and is certified to facilitate and deliver the Manager As Coach Learning Series (MACLS) through CPI, and a certified Career Coach. He previously served on the board of Career Partners International (CPI) and is an equity partner in CPI, offering a global reach with over 350 offices.



Travis Jones - CEO of Career Development Partners

Written By Travis Jones

Travis has been an entrepreneur and business owner in Tulsa for over 30 years. He is a well-known community servant and is dedicated to providing world-class service for everyone we encounter at Career Development Partners.

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