Career Development Partners supports employers through the employee life-cycle to identify, attract, select and on-board the right talent, develop their leadership skills and assist them in exiting the organization gracefully. Career Development Partners works with your organization, whether a small, local business or a national Fortune 500 company, in any industry.  We value each one of our clients and view it a privilege to serve them. People are worth the investment.

Our Clients


Leadership Development

Leadership Development to help you maximize the great talent you already have.


Outplacement to help transition any part of your workforce, locally and globally, even one at a time.

Executive Search

Our Executive Search will help you find the right talent quickly.


Looking for someone with a specific skill set? Browse our top candidates! We just might know where to find the top talent you are looking for.

Career Development Partners has been a success for our company. We can say that we do offer outplacement. Where some of my peers at some companies offer outplacement, but it may be through a telephone call or a 1-800 type number, I would say that to be able to have the personal touch, the coaching, the training, the access to various classes and online classes, etc., that is really a good partnership and one that we hope to continue a long time into the future.


Human Resource Professional