Trent Fields

Recruiting Executive
Trent Fields - Executive Recruiter

Trent Fields

Recruiting Executive

Trent has 30 years of mechanical experience. He started off working in the automotive field then transitioned to packaging manufactures. The last 10 years of his technician career was as a traveling Field Service Engineer. His assignments took him throughout North America and Europe. Road warrior definitely was part of his job description. He has worked in the primary and secondary packaging, blister forming, sealing, and filling industries.

Having been “in the field” Trent focuses primarily on the recruitment and placement of technical personnel in the automated equipment business, i.e., packaging equipment, conveying/sortation systems, and industrial robotics.

He married Sheila, the actual girl next door, 40 years ago.  Together they traveled the world during his time in the United States Air Force. Trent is an avid backcountry hiker. On his bucket list is completing a through hike of the Pacific Crest Trail and the North Country Trail.


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